by Old Hag

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released May 2, 2017

Recorded by Imran and Joey at Addlestead Studios.
Mastered by Matt Qualls.
Artwork by Ryan William K.



all rights reserved


Old Hag London, UK

4 men, many riffs.

London, United Kingdom.

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Track Name: Sinking
I keep sinking into this feeling and I’ll do it again just a matter of time
I’ve spoken enough you’ve heard it before,
another day spent wishing for more
I tell myself I’ve done enough
I wish I didn’t give a fuck
Boil it up, swallow it down,
it keeps coming back
It keeps coming back
I should’ve fucking known

This questioning has made me fucking sick
My friend I’m giving in

This song changed nothing at all,
depression isn’t even close.
Track Name: Modern Failure
Can’t see the point in having a voice
I’m simply out of touch
The spiral of loss, the noise of small talk
There’s nothing I control
What’s the date? What’s the day?
Feels like yesterday
I’m sick of telling myself ‘another fucking day’
There we go, more violence on the news
50 wounded 4 fucking dead
Set sail for self-destruction

We cross the line but there’s no line
We crossed the line cause we can and we will
We’ll fail and repeat
No one ever told me it would end like this
We’ll see the end of planet earth
I’d close my eyes but I want to see
Crying as I wish for human race to disappear
Hell’s where I am in, wake me up I don’t exist

There are stars too far for us to see.
Track Name: Suffer Through
Making sense of what is lost
I get by but what matters the most?
The same old question that tears me apart
I’ll stare at the walls till the sun goes up
we came from cinders, we’ll turn to dust
What sets us apart from fucking grains of sand?
What’s the fucking point if nothing’s meant to last?
oh spare me your fucking happy song.
and suffer through,
suffer through.
what difference did you ever make?
you stared as I slipped
what difference does it make when death won't care about your name
I fucked up
I bit the hand that feeds
and sat back and watched it bleed
but at least I didnt drop to my knees
to lick the wound fucking clean